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Full Screen HD Videos there are two formats MP4 and WMV Videos 1920 by 1080 resolution.

The highest quality videos on the internet. These videos are for high speed internet.

Click the links below and watch the videos full screen. They are of the highest quaility period.

John Hughes
Videos MAC PC

Shawn Alexander
Videos Mac PC

Mark Patterson
Videos Mac PC

864 X 480 Flash Video here ------>

This project has mutual benefits.

For all trainers you will have video for your social sites, You tube with AD sense will put money in your pocket every time an ad is clicked on your videos.

You will be able to market your services and business on social sites and your own personal web sites. You will have ownership of these videos for your personal use.

For some you will have your videos broadcast on our show during the video streaming broadcast. benefits will be using your videos on You Tube our web sites and social marketing.

We keep the cost down which is 40.00 a video which is your cost by having a minimum of six trainers taped at one time. This will be at my gym or yours if it is close by. Our benefit is 240.00 for film, edit, and formatting. The quality of production is the best there is period. Call now for details 469-235-2477 and ask for Jeff Overturf.

Donations to Please Help Support with your$20, $50, $65, $100 Donations.